Bone Density Solution Reviews (Blue Heron Health News) Legit or Not?


The Bone Density Solution is a health guide created by Shelly Manning of Blue Heron Health News. The handbook is geared for men and women who deal with osteoporosis and are searching for a fast, easy, and efficient remedy.

Osteoporosis affects 200 million individuals globally, according to current estimates. Nearly 1 in 3 women over the age of 50 will develop osteoporosis fractures throughout their lifetime.

Does The Bone Density Solution actually assist your osteoporosis? How does The Bone Density Solution work? In this review, we’ll go over all you need to know about this non-traditional therapy.

What is The Bone Density Solution?

The Bone Density Solution claims to provide consumers a solution for discussing natural tactics and supplements they may use to reverse their osteoporosis.

Following Ruth’s treatment approach, which she describes on The Bone Density Solution website, she claims she no longer suffers osteoporosis. She considers her ailment “a dreadful – but distant – memory,” implying she had entirely cured herself of osteoporosis after following the alternate treatment plan.

Obviously, you should be suspicious any time a health eBook promises to treat a major medical issue, and you should never substitute this material with medical advice from your doctor.

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See how The Bone Density Solution works in more detail.

How Does the Bone Density Solution Work?

The Bone Density Solution treats the fundamental cause of osteoporosis.

Shelly, the developer of the program, is not a fan of doctor-recommended osteoporosis therapies. She argues that these medicines just address the symptoms of the disease, and not its underlying cause as previously thought. These therapies could momentarily reduce your agony, but they won’t bring permanent relief.

Shelly suggests two methods for treating osteoporosis for good:

1. Movement
2. Nutrition

Osteoporosis treatment plans are often quite similar among providers. Physical activity and improved diet are two of the most commonly advised therapies for osteoporosis. Doctors can advise you on the best activities and diet to help alleviate your symptoms.

Shelly also encourages diets and exercise to deal with osteoporosis. However, instead of traveling to the gym, she advocates completing modest, practical motions at home.

Instead of exercising all day, for example, Shelly advocates adding movement into your schedule. It is claimed by Shelly that this action “toughens up bone every time,” and that anybody may practice these motions at home without special equipment or experience.

Because of her emphasis on movement rather than exercise, Shelly contends that her advise is superior to doctor-recommended approaches:

“It might be difficult to put into practice some of the exercise recommendations made by health care professionals. I know that Because I never managed to follow any of it.”

Shelly also warns against following the nutritional recommendations of your doctor, arguing that it’s “too general” to work for most people:

It’s difficult to put into practice a lot of the nutritional advice they provide since it’s so vague and generic.

Instead, Shelly offers her other workouts and dietary practices.

In The Bone Density Solution, you’ll learn Shelly’s suggested motions, foods, supplements, and tactics for treating osteoporosis. By applying these measures immediately, you may supposedly achieve rapid treatment from osteoporosis, tackling the disease’s fundamental cause while removing all symptoms.

Osteoporosis is fueled by what?

Many doctors, according to Shelly, treat osteoporosis wrongly since the underlying reasons of the disease are not addressed.

“We aren’t targeting what causes the cancer in the first place,” argues Shelly.

Claimant Shelly Osteoporosis is made more common by dietary and lifestyle variables, making it more difficult to reverse even if you follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Things that fuel osteoporosis, according to Shelly, include:

Eating a diet high in bone-damaging foods.
Avoiding foods that stimulate bone development
Eating foods that cause your stomach to become unbalanced and diseased.

Because the human body is so intricate, even a small imbalance can cause issues elsewhere. Shelly takes a holistic approach to treating osteoporosis, aiming full-body health and wellbeing to deliver considerable advantages.

Osteoporosis and Inflammation

Shelly is also a great believer in the impact inflammation plays in osteoporosis. Many illnesses are complicated by inflammation. Inflammatory diseases claim the lives of an estimated 800,000 individuals each year, according to research. Millions more die throughout the world from illnesses connected to inflammation.

Heart issues, autoimmune illnesses, musculoskeletal conditions, allergies, liver conditions, and other conditions are all connected to inflammation.

Shelly also says inflammation is related with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is more common in those who have elevated levels of inflammatory markers in their blood. When your body detects these inflammatory signals, it tells your bones to halt remodeling or manufacturing new ones.

Shelly’s tactics target inflammation, encouraging healthy inflammation throughout your body and attacking the fundamental cause of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis and Gut Health

Shelly focuses on gut inflammation, which she believes is a major contributor to osteoporosis in a large number of patients. By addressing inflammation in your stomach, you may reportedly manage osteoporosis.

Shelly discusses the link in the following way:

“The key to avoiding inflammation in the first place is to maintain the stomach healthy. A healthy stomach is, literally, a healthy body and mind. Tackle gut health and everything changes — and it changes quickly.”

Gut health is influenced by bacteria. Many individuals use probiotics or fermented foods regularly to enhance intestinal health. If your gut bacteria are unbalanced, then it might lead to inflammation and other obvious symptoms.

Shelly’s tactics encourage healthy levels of gut flora, making it simpler to manage your osteoporosis.

Shelly’s 14 Step Plan

Ultimately, Shelly’s osteoporosis treatment strategy boils down to 14 measures you can apply today.

These 14 easy steps include food and lifestyle advice anybody may follow at home. We can’t give the 14 stages upfront without revealing The Bone Density Solution. For now, here are the steps:

Dietary methods for controlling osteoporosis, include foods to avoid and foods to consume more often
What to eat to regulate inflammation and bacteria in your stomach, helping indirectly treat osteoporosis
Simple exercises you can do every day at home to help your body make more bone
Osteoporosis management can be as simple as following some simple dietary, lifestyle, and activity recommendations.

As indicated above, Shelly feels her advise is better to traditional medical guidance. She says her technique does “what years of doctor’s treatments failed to do.” Shelly asserts that anyone may eradicate osteoporosis by targeting the disease’s fundamental cause rather than its symptoms.

You can go at your own pace through these 14 steps. Some people will instantly begin implementing each of the 14 suggestions. Others will gradually adopt these measures into their life.

Following the Bone Density Solution: What to Expect

The Bone Density Solution is advertised online with the narrative of Ruth, who says she healed her osteoporosis entirely after following Shelly’s treatment regimen.

Ruth claimed she has suffered osteoporosis for years. Despite following her doctor’s treatment recommendations, she nevertheless suffered from severe osteoporosis symptoms.

Shortly after following Shelly’s recommended osteoporosis treatment plan, Ruth claims she had noticeably stronger bones and other benefits:

“I had two bone density tests in the first couple of months after starting Shelly’s regimen. I could witness with my own eyes precisely how successful these bone-strengthening techniques were.”

To gauge a patient’s bone density, doctors employ T-scores. T-scores are critical for addressing osteoporosis.

Before Ruth started The Bone Density Solution treatment plan, Ruth had a T-score of -2.9, which suggests she probably had osteoporosis.

For the second time in as many weeks, Ruth scored negative on her test, thanks to Shelly’s guidance.

Ruth claims her T-score continued to grow, climbing to a +0.5, which signifies she has stronger bones than the normal person (a score of +1.0 indicates near-superhuman bone strength).

To put it another way, after following Shelly’s treatment plan, Ruth went from having a severe case of osteoporosis to having stronger bones than the normal person.

Because of her stronger bones, Ruth believes she has “no risk” of fractures or breaks.

Based on Ruth’s story and others, Shelly maintains that osteoporosis is a choice – not a life sentence. Anyone may remedy the illness if they chose to do so.

Scientific Evidence for The Bone Density Solution

Shelly says she has helped “over a thousand pleased customers” correct their osteoporosis. Shelly says that her therapy works on people of any age with any medical condition – even those with modest and severe osteoporosis situations.

If Shelly were actually able to heal osteoporosis, it would be a significant medical advance. We would expect her to share her findings at osteoporosis conferences and publish her findings in peer-reviewed publications.

However, Shelly does not offer any scientific evidence validating her claims, nor has she published her study, given evidence of the thousand people she has treated, or any other proof supporting her claims.

In contrast to this, Shelly is adamant that her approach works immediately after the first step is completed:

‘The Bone Density Solution’ by Shelly can get you there in as little as 4 minutes from now.

Your bone health can actually be saved in the next few minutes. ”

Is it possible to begin your osteoporosis treatment as soon as you open The Bone Density Solution? Now let’s take a look at some of the supporting scientific information.

There’s undoubtedly a correlation between intestinal health and osteoporosis. A increasing body of evidence demonstrates that gut health and gut microorganisms impact bone density. In this 2020 study, researchers found that gut microorganisms “can enhance bone density and ameliorate osteoporosis by blocking osteoclast proliferation and differentiation.” Researchers noted, however, that the therapeutic advantages of gut bacteria on osteoporosis have to be confirmed. We know there’s a relationship – but we don’t know if taking probiotic supplements can help treat osteoporosis.

It’s also true that inflammation is associated to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis has long been connected to a variety of endocrine, metabolic, and mechanical variables, as doctors have recognized for decades. However, recent studies reveal an association between osteoporosis and inflammation. Pro-inflammatory cytokines were found to be more prevalent in persons with osteoporosis in this 2005 investigation. Researchers also showed an active immune system can contribute to persistent inflammation that enhances symptoms of osteoporosis.

So, what about dietary needs? Can the things you consume actually cause or heal osteoporosis? As WebMD explains, physicians recommend avoiding some meals and consuming more other foods to help manage your disease.

If you have osteoporosis, for example, your doctor may advise you to avoid salt since salt is hazardous for your bones. For every 2,300mg of sodium you take in, you lose roughly 40mg of calcium in your urine.

A higher intake of calcium and vitamin D is also advised by medical professionals if you are at risk of osteoporosis. Bone development need the presence of both of these nutrients. If you don’t receive enough calcium or vitamin D every day, your body doesn’t have the elements needed to strengthen and develop your bones.

In the meanwhile, hundreds of patients with osteoporosis were studied in 2016 to see whether there was a link between nutrition and the disease. Researchers found that “dietary methods can be an essential tool for the prevention of osteoporosis.” Researchers observed that those with a good and balanced diet (rich in fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals) were less likely to develop osteoporosis than people with insufficient diets.

Despite what Shelly Manning suggests, there is no treatment for osteoporosis. Doctors recommend controlling the illness with lifestyle modifications (like mobility and exercise) and dietary adjustments (like calcium and vitamin D) (like calcium and vitamin D). In The Bone Density Solution, Shelly Manning offers similar advice, but she also stresses the need of addressing gut health and inflammation, both of which have been related to osteoporosis.

The Bone Density Solution Pricing

The Bone Density Solution is priced at $49.01.

You buy the eBook online and gain quick access to the PDF version of the eBook. You will not receive a physical copy of the book: it’s a totally digital transaction.

The Bone Density Solution Refund Policy

A 60-day money-back guarantee backs the Bone Density Solution.

If you don’t significantly improve your bone density scores and eradicate other symptoms of osteoporosis within weeks, then you are entitled to a total refund.


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