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If you’re a fan of the Bible or just curious in what’s hidden within its pages, you’ve come to the correct spot. How to make anointing oil the biblical way is covered in detail in The Exodus Effect. God made anointing oil in the book of Exodus. All the ingredients needed to prepare the anointing oil are mentioned in the holy book. Anointing oil provides various benefits for people, such as providing the body power to fight against illnesses and lowering discomfort. Moreover, anointing oil also has spiritual uses and would leave you spiritually fed if you are a firm Christian or believer in a superior deity.

What is the Exodus Effect?

The Exodus Effect book contains crucial bible texts that have been forgotten. To prepare anointing oil, the recipe comprises ingredients derived directly from the bible. The modern bibles do not indicate the additional ingredients they’ve added because they were mentioned from the original text during translation. The book describes the steps, components, and procedures of creating anointing oil the way it was done in the bible. You may make anointing oil the way it was originally done in the Bible if you follow the steps carefully. THC is not present in the anointing oil, thus you will not make any intoxicating effects from it. It contains natural ingredients that can support you in your spiritual path and strengthen your body to fight against illnesses. The anointing of priests and other Christian rituals often include the use of anointing oil. There are no other sources for the ingredients in this book.

There is no way to acquire the same anointing oil that the Israelites used in the desert if you follow the biblical instructions for making your own. The Exodus Effect includes an additional element that has been omitted from all current translations of the Bible due to a linguistic anomaly. There are various benefits of utilizing the oil, and the Exodus Effect will enable you acquire those benefits from the comfort of your own home.

Both religious and scientific viewpoints are incorporated in this book. They require scientific evidence to back up their claims about the missing component. The Exodus Effect is largely a Christian book, however the claims in the book have been examined, and there are scientific references. They incorporated both religious and scientific arguments to assist readers to realize that the interpretations in the book are accurate.

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How would the Exodus Effect assist you?

When you read the Exodus Effect book, you will be able to prepare the anointing oil like an Israelite did years ago. The preparation of the anointing oil follows the instructions mentioned in the Bible. It was Dr. Bennet and Pastor Andrew who translated the recipes, created them, and put them through rigorous testing in the lab. According to the designers, the bible is missing many crucial passages and phrases, which may have been lost when decoding the old texts. This implies the anointing oil that has been prepared utilizing the bible just lacks some particular ingredients.

Kaneh-Bosem is a biblical phrase that denotes cannabis, according to the couple who coined it. However, the cannabis used to manufacture anointing oil does not contain THC, as mentioned earlier. The body quickly absorbs the Exodus Effect’s anointing oil. The pain and inflammation are then reduced as a result. Antioxidants in this food aid the body in the recovery process from conditions like diabetes and arthritis. The oil will also stimulate your brain and will help you to remain active the whole day.

The manual will improve your sleep, help in weight reduction, and improve your brainpower. It features natural ingredients, and there is a money-back policy.

The process of making the oil can be incorporated into your everyday diet or religious steps. The Exodus Effect is one of the various methods of profiting from the bible. The book does not only feature recipes, but it also offers ideas on how you may improve your general lifestyle and acquire greater tranquility. It is good for Christians and non-Christians also. People who read this book will acquire ideas on how to obtain a wholesome existence with natural ingredients.

Ingredients in the Exodus Effect

The ingredients utilized in the preparation of anointing oil according to the Exodus Effect are;

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a prominent culinary ingredient in many kitchens all around the world. Inflammation is reduced, cholesterol is controlled, and many other positive effects may be attributed to it. According to study, it reduces the chance of experiencing a stroke. It also helps with weight loss and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Cinnamon is popular because of its nice fragrance and taste. The world over, it’s utilized to make a wide variety of delicious foods. Traditional medicine makes use of it as a herb. Cinnamon is a natural substance whose bark is utilized in easing digestion. It also offers the virtue of cleansing and purifying the body.


This is generally recognized since it was one of the wise men’s gifts to baby Jesus when he was laying in a manger. It offers benefits such as curing ulcers, syphilis, and arthritis. It can also help to strengthen the body’s defenses.


This unappealing substance offers a slew of body benefits, including improved immunity, lower blood pressure, and better control of blood sugar levels.


Cannabidiol is a hidden component used in manufacturing anointing oil. It is derived from the hemp plant. It aids in pain relief, stress reduction, anxiety reduction, and nausea prevention.

The ingredients are natural. These are not all the ingredients that have been mentioned in the book. They’re not the only ones, either. Anointing oil and information on healing are among the topics covered. Some of the additional parts include;

Divine Pet

This section will teach you how to make anointing oil for your animal buddy or family pet.

Hidden Prayers

33 new texts and prayers for healing have been added.

the ‘Lazarus Effect’

There includes information on appearing and feeling younger. Moreover, you will obtain valuable information about combating aging, remaining fit, and prolonging your lifespan.

Exodus Effect: How Much Is It?

The price of the Exodus Effect book is $66.75. Once payment has been received, you will have immediate access to the book. The benefits might be observed within five days.

The book allows everyone to access and experience the benefits of the original anointing oil from the comfort of their own homes.

The ingredients used in creating anointing oil in the Exodus Effect have been utilized for millennia for their benefits, such as easing pain, greater memory, and increased sleep quality. Moreover, you will obtain spiritual benefits in your home and life. Reports from people who have read Exodus Effect indicate their pain was reduced after using this organic and plant-based anointing oil.


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